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Self harm and depression quote

some people can hide the fact that they are suffer, but sometimes you can see into their eyes. and look them and notice that their are hurting and bleeding inside. thats why you dont wanna to be visible. and you hide. It's so sad.

Cutters Self-Harm | depression self harm cutter cutting cuts self mutilation

i love you with all of my heart, mind, and soul, you are the only one for me. and every second I am not talking to you I miss all of u, including the scars and cuts. did you cut today?

No you arent you have a problem that you will get over hang in there we are here for ALL OF YOU!!!

Even when I think about committing suicide. I know I'll disappoint everyone then too, especially if I am not successful. I can see the look on my mother's face, eating her time with still being alive.