I want an otter for a pet so bad I can hardly stand it. The back of our house faces the neighborhood pond - we are like maybe 75 feet from it. I think an otter would love it! Now only to find one lol<-------- Definitely a ferret

sleeping boy with his ferret. ~ #ferrets & #Azalea Sparkle Trueheart http://www.pinterest.com/pin/461056080574714862/ http://www.pinterest.com/atticatalley/azalea-sparkle-trueheart/

sleeping boy with his ferret. Ferret yawns are so freakin cute.

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Because this is how Dragon feels about his Pixie! He wants to snatch her up and keep her as his for forever and ever and ever!

deviantART: More Like Ferret with Toy by ~Joceweir

His late ferrets: Stitch (dark chocolate), Shiro (white), and Nip (lighter chocolate).

Enchanted Rose Beauty And The Beast I Have A New Flickr Click Here

Beauty and the Beast rose tattoo. Walters Walters Walters Walters Anischko, you should get this! ( Maybe Rose like this with Tear Drop.