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WonderCube - is an all in one smartphone accessory that can  be used to charge your handset by connecting it to a USB port, sync files, read memory cards,or charge a 9V battery. You can also use it as a phone stand. And remember all these functions are accomplished by a 1 cubic inch device that can easily be worn as a key-chain.

WonderCube - The 1 cubic inch wonder device that packs all your smartphone accesories into one compact gadget that fits on your keychain.

Zink is an innovative printer that doesn't need cartridges! You heard it right, you only need a special type of paper that is heated by the device activating the yellow, magenta and cyan colour-forming crystals embedded within the paper itself. Incredible technological progress, we'd say!

Ever imagined printing photos without using ink but heat? Check out ZINK, a portable zero ink printer which prints photos directly from your smartphone!

A Smart Watch For Kids is the idea of Sten Kirbank, a designer who wanted to come with a more efficient method to supervise children while they are not at home. It's a great alternative to smartphones!

What to Watch During Holiday Travel Your GoTo Guide - Winter is coming, which means in a mere matter of weeks you'll be forced to get on a plane and make your way home (or to a tropical island, if you're lucky) for the holidays.