Adrian Mihai State

Adrian Mihai State

Adrian Mihai State
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Set your creativity free! Here’s a radically simple idea, developed as a versatile lamp to enliven spaces that are youthful, informal, quirky, sophisticated or chic. This unit has constructional details in chromed steel and special fabric-coated cables, bulb included.

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Id paint it white and feel like I work for Pixar!

by Giles Godwin-Brown - An wonderful wall decal to liven up the learning space Cool tip/ Great Idea/ Want this now/ Cool tool/ Kitchen and Bedroom Gadgets/ Cool Tech Idea

Bistro Proti Proudu in Prague | Restaurant Design

Prague Cafe - Proti Proudu Bistro is a Prague cafe that revolves around the fundamental theme of connection. Although people make connection with others all the .

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Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and unique design approach, Flos Architectural is making a statement of its capability to set a true dialogue between the different languages of lighting product and architecture. The relationship between light and arch

The Trio LT : a product that combines a high quality LED to a unique lighting design

The Trio LT : a product that combines a high quality LED to a unique lighting design. I like this light for the master closet, as well as the morning bar in the master suite.

Ceiling mounted lighting fixture by PSLab.

Pinning for the technique of wiring a pendant or chandelier when there is no electricity right over the table.