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Bisericani Monastery - The monastery is located on Mount Pietrosu, at 650 m altitude, 12 km from Piatra Neamt. Access is by car on DN15, Piatra Neamt – Bicaz.


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The Moldovita Monastery is a Romanian Orthodox monastery situated in the commune of Vatra Moldovitei, Bucovina, Romania.

Moldovita Monastery

The Mausoleum of Marasesti is a memorial site containing remains of 5,073 Romanian soldiers and officers (identified or not, in crypts or common tombs) killed in the First World War.

The Mausoleum of Marasesti

Placed among the beautiful hills of Bucovina, at 12 km West from the old residence of Steven the Great and the Bishops of Moldavia, the Dragomirna monastery stands tall defying time, inside the fortress walls.

Dragomirna Monastery

Varatec monastery is located in Agapia commune, at 12 km to Targu Neamt and 40 km to Piatra Neamt in a small valley at the foot of Stanisoara mountain, at an altitude of 460 m.

Varatec Monastery

Suceviţa Monastery is an Orthodox Christian monastery located in the Northwestern part of the Romania. The monastery is located in the historical region of Bucovina.

Sucevita Monastery

Daniil the Hermit,, a saint of the Romanian Orthodox Church, was born into a peasant family at the beginning of the 15th century in a village near Rădăuţi.

Daniel the Hermit / Sf. Daniil Sihastru

Neamt Monastery is located in Vanatori village, at 15 km north-west from Targu Neamt in a place near the brook Nemtisor, surrounded by green hills.

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The church of the Holy Cross of Pătrăuţi is situated not far from the town of Suceava, on the right side of the road leading northwest towards Radauti, in the valley of Suceava River

Patrauti Church

Founded by Chancellor Theodor Bubuiog under Moldavian Prince Petru Rareş, Humor Monastery, built in 1530, is surrounded by ramparts, with a three-level brick-and-wood lookout tower. Ascend it for views from the lookout deck.

Humor Monastery