Fierarul Costica

Fierarul Costica

Fierarie ornamentala
Fierarul Costica
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willow whip fence

This French gardener is inserting dormant willow whips into the ground and weaving the tops into a lattice. They will root come spring and this will become a free living fence. — with la chacra de la abuela. Shared from: Organic Gardening

Forging a Viking Axe

In 2010 I began practical research on historical methods used in the Viking age to forge axes. My purpose was to publish a DVD tutorial which would enable an.

Булерьян своими руками - Построим дом и дачу сами

Running an fan through the middle to blow air up the pipes would help it radiate out. Bend the pipes around a 55 gallon barrel and make a rocket style insulation around it with sand and plaster. Place some sort of central blower to control speed of air