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Juliet Simms is not a bitch!<<< I dare anyone too call her a bitch in front of me!!! I will kill them and regret nothing!!! She's my role model!!

I dare y'all to sell one of my favor bands girlfriend a bitch and you will be thinking bitch when you get bitched slapped by me

This is absolutely amazing. I don't care if I've already pinned this its just so cute

I love how he looks at her :) he's like don't cry. This is by far the sweetest picture of Andy to ever exist.

black veil brides memes - Google Search

Black veil brides lyrics are inspirational. Justin Biebers are NOT. BVB are the better people here. at least their songs have meaning unlike some people

Black Veil Brides- I'm so mesmerizing by their eyes I would probably do anything they said cuz I mean look at those beautiful eyes

Like really andy you and your smexyniss

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ANDY SIXX ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Click the picture of Andy and check out some more Boys In Makeup Black Veil Brides - Andy Sixx - Andy biersack - Emo - Boys -Makeup - men - bands - music - hot - scene - black -

Andy and his cat in the background! Omg this is so cute

I CANT GET OVER THE CUTNESS!andys eating the cat.hes eating the cat XP lol jk jk but there so cute!>>>> delete Juliet and this would be perfect