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Bom dia !  Eu simplesmente me apaixonei,  não  sei se pela modelo ou pelos modelos rsrs                                                     ...

◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ DESCRIPTION ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ Lovingly hand-crafted tutu dress is a work of art in itself. Little miss sunshine will look adorable in this dress with jubilant skirt full of softest fluffy tul