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Domnul Invizibil
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☽ pinterest // @smolotakuu ☾

☽ pinterest // @smolotakuu ☾

Hands are beautiful

Harper’s Bazaar, September 2012 photographer: Koray Birand Aslı Abbasoğlu // thedailygrit:inritus

Xhxix - Digital Paintings by YDK MORIMOE ♥ ♥

Paintings by YDK Morimore aka Hi YDK Morimoe is an artist as enigmatic as his art. Also using the monikers of xhxix and Hi, this Japanese digital artist, born in has one of the most recognizable.

Bren woke in a haze of confusion; too much tequila and not enough of those artichoke appetizers. He remembered shaking hands with someone, money changing between them. He remembered the smell of moss and the cool face of the toilet seat pressed against his own. And his head felt heavy. Heavier than a mere hangover could explain. (Xhxix)

A crown of (t)horns. by xhxix digital image, 2011

Sangwoo by mamo-manu~ OK seriously, stop making this psychopath attractive

🎵killing me softly witj his song.

Megatron Mouth Expressions. by on @deviantART

How to draw mouth expressions

Best Picture Quotes N Poems about Life, Love & Experiences

This is a sad truth Loving Yourself FIRST, is the true key to successfully loving others.

Poem - Walls have ears, Doors have eyes. Trees have voices, beasts tell lies. Beware the rain. Beware the snow. Beware the man you think you know. - Song of Sapphique // rhyming words poetry inspiration

love this book (incarceron)

Killing Stalking ❤

Page 3 Read Fotitos Del Amor (?) from the story ✿¡Memes De Killing Stalking!✿ by Sadxx- (❝S❞) with reads.


art by: 김성근