Aerobics can help hold off Alzheimer’s - Diets USA Magazine

Stretching exercises may be highly touted as a means of increasing flexibility and warming up muscle

Bare bottom exercising comes to Britian - Diets USA Magazine

Helen Smith states that the idea to have men participate in her hour-long (moderate) boot-camp style exercise (which includes calisthenics and partner work)

Jillian Michaels's ongoing health concerns - Diets USA Magazine

Jillian Michaels’s ongoing health concerns - Diets USA Magazine

Deepening yoga practice one laugh at a time - Diets USA Magazine

I have often told my kids (particularly when they become too demanding) that they need to take it ba

Extreme exercise, anger bad mix for heart - Diets USA Magazine

People who are angry or frustrated often resort to strenuous physical activity to relieve their stre

midday workout

If you're unable (or unwilling) to spend an hour in the morning exercising before work, your lunch hour isn't a bad time to make up for it. Here's how to prepare for and schedule your day, plus three workout scenarios.


Body building supplements are so commonly used along workout routines that they’re almost considered


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