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Marilyn Monroe - l'album du fan-club

The iconic sex symbol would have been 88 years old today. In the years since Monroe's death in candid photos of the blonde bombshell have surfaced that reveal .

I love this one! How could I have never seen this before!

Her expression reminds me of what I would look like sitting on the very edge of my seat, feeling Beyond excited to say the least but trying to play cool in anticipation of seeing you. Of course not nearly as spectacular or fabulous as this beauty.

Milton Greene, Marilyn Monroe, swimming pool sitting

Marilyn and Milton H. Greene in ''Swimming Pool'' sitting at Richard Rodgers' home in Weston, Connecticut, photographed by Milton's assistant John Forman, summer

george barris marilyn photoshoot

Mirror Fun: You can see Barris in the left hand corner of the mirror, taking the picture. Click through for never-before-seen Marilyn Monroe photos go up for auction.