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minddisclosure: In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves. Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

the red light seems to be coming from a lamp with a cover on it. it has a cone shape expanding as it reaches for the ceiling

silhouette #boudoir

Definitely not on a bed, but in a seductive pose. You wouldn't see the details of her body, but you still focus on her body because her body is essentially all you can see. Also, without the bed setting ha.

Space inside - Here’s a super realistic tattoo (on the skin part only though) that shows off how you are a galaxy inside you. It could mean that you are a mystery. Behind all those physical traits, you could be something much more than what others perceive of you.

You never know what is lying just beneath the skin; there could be a cyborg or superhero lurking right in the open. These awesome ripped skin tattoos give a peek into what is actually on the inside.

Tatouage réalisé par Philip Milic

Tatouage réalisé par Philip Milic (Bottle Sketch Alice In Wonderland)