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Stay positive #motivation #life

You know that inner voice that's always chatting up a storm? Tell it to be nice! When you think positive thoughts, you feel better and are more likely to take on life with a positive outlook. So repeat this mantra and let it ring true.

booty pop workout

Work your booty from all angles and make it pop with these 10 butt exercises for women. An intense 30 minute workout that will bring your muscles to full fatigue while keeping your heart rate up! // Health Wellness Tips Ideas

My Chains Are Gone wrist tattoo. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS ONE as in,... ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring accessories, body art and tattoo

"My Chains Are Gone" wrist tattoo. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS ONE as in, I would seriously reconsider getting this instead of my faith tattoo but in stead of gone, have "Broken"

50 Inspirational Wrist Tattoos | - Part 2

In a world of struggles, it's nice to have a friendly inspirational reminder nearby. Check out these cute, dainty, and totally inspiring wrist tattoos!

Dump A Day Quotes Of The Day - 12 Pics

i've always wanted to get a tattoo of 2 very simple quotes on either arm just above my elbow, i think this would be perfect