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Ceburashki KidsClub
str. Apostol Constantin 2-6, parter, sector 6, zona Lujerului / Loc de joaca pentru copii, petreceri tematice, ateliere decreatie, dansuri, cursuri
Ceburashki KidsClub
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Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Crafty – 27 Pics

Wrap some baker's twine or other string around a wooden block to create a graphic textured stamp. -can also use rubber bands- Stamp on inside of paper bags from grocery store or paper that comes in mailed packages, use as wrapping paper.

Glue foam stamps (or anything else) to wine corks to make a handle for it.

MollyMoo – crafts for kids and their parents DIY Stamping Fun - MollyMoo - crafts for kids and their parents 印章, 泡棉貼紙或木頭圖型

diy decor

"This idea is simple but creates a fabulous textural piece of art. The kids will have such fun. They could create smaller pictures for things like cards/invitations and everything up to large art pieces for the bedroom wall!" // looks like fun :)