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Stefania Bugan

Communication enthusiast| Big fan of the roaring '20s | Traveling | Good coffee| Photography and art| Hopeless foodie | lingerie lover | good actors | design
Stefania Bugan
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david samuel stern (The Jealous Curator)

New pieces by Brooklyn based artist David Samuel Stern. I’ve written about his woven portraits before, but when I saw his latest work I gasped out loud. Now, there are in fact images of men in t

A very powerful image.

the last pinner pinned this as Freedom of speech. I see this as Put your money where your mouth is.//I see it as money isn't power it's weakness;only a strong man can truly live without money.

Moi je gonfle ~ Deflated... As it should be! Confidence Yes!

I want to live in a world where setting aside your ego is as easy as deflating a balloon. Plus, if our egos were balloons we'd instantly know when ours was inflated. THIS: Anatol Knotek

Tang Yau Hoong

Tang Yau Hoong is a visual artist/graphic designer. I just love all of his works that I've seen so far. He is a genius when it comes to negative space. The way he uses negative space is just so brilliant.

Reptilian Snack | Printable up to 9"x18" Credits: File Photo… | Flickr

With roast dinners made of gemstones, planes dropping boiled-sweet bombs and a girl sipping from a brain with a straw, artist Eugenia Loli’s magical realist mash-ups are mind-bending, strange and unsettling