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Artificer - the Ressurectionist, a Frankenstein-themed artificer for those who want to re-animate the bodies of their foes. : UnearthedArcana
The Alchemist V3.0: A full-caster with a twist, made for those with an itch to brew! Tweaked based on community feedback! PDF and GMB links in comments! : UnearthedArcana
Artificer - Clockmaker v1. || Warp the power of the Luxon to your will! : UnearthedArcana


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Harness your fury into an intense focus to overcome any obstacle with the Path of the Savant! : UnearthedArcana
Scream, Disappear, Fly! Terrify your enemies with the spooky barbarian subclass | The Path of the Wrathful Specter : UnearthedArcana
The Barbarian Path of the Bleakreaver (v3), chase down and terrify your foes with your anger! : UnearthedArcana


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College of Destruction (v1.3) - a (hardcore) bard subclass : UnearthedArcana
Bard - College of Chaos, because why should sorcerers have all the wild magic fun? : UnearthedArcana


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Divine Domain: Crustacean - Worship the ultimate lifeform and become crab! 🦀 : UnearthedArcana
Cleric: "Equity" Domain [v1] Become a master thief, embody a heist crew, and sneak your way through any obstacle! I would love some critiques on this subclass, what do you think? : UnearthedArcana


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Circle of Slime | An ooze themed druid with a melee focus : UnearthedArcana
Circle of the Hive Remastered | Crawl all across the battlefield and infiltrate everywhere as the druidic master of the hive! : UnearthedArcana
Druid variant/subclass: The Witch! A fun, versatile support druid! Make potions, look into the future, and form your own coven! : UnearthedArcana


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The Heroic Fighter - A full class rework that introduces maneuvers to the base class, includes reworks of all 10 published subclasses, plus 9 feat reworks (Full Document in Comments) : UnearthedArcana
Warrior Archetype: Champion, Tweaked - An Alternate Champion for LaserLlama's Alternate Fighter. Embody the Olympic ideal, and use your strength to the fullest! : UnearthedArcana
The Samurai v1.3 Adapt to the Flow of Combat with your Stance! : UnearthedArcana


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Blood Hunter: Order of the Blood Extremists | A subclass more inlined with the manipulation of blood to create armaments : UnearthedArcana
The Blood Hunter, Rebranded; A debuff based martial class rebuilt around a system of Brands. Includes redesigns for all existing subclasses, as well as two new ones: The Order of the Aberrant Slayer and the Order of the Deadeye. : UnearthedArcana
(V 2.0) Order of Hematologist - A Blood Doctor Subclass For Blood Hunters : UnearthedArcana


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Monk Monastic Tradition: Way of the Hummingbird - zoom around the battlefield and blast your enemies with air and thunder! : UnearthedArcana
Monastic Tradition: Way of the Brawler - Improvised weapon-based monk (read comments) : UnearthedArcana
Way of the Dark Star (Harness the power of a black hole with this monk subclass.) : UnearthedArcana


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Oath of the Moon - Investigation Paladin : UnearthedArcana
Paladin: Divine Revision v1.0 | Channel the Divine Magic of the Heavens to Smite your Foes in this Revised Version of the Paladin Class! : UnearthedArcana


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The Psychic - A Psionic Energy dice class and system for 5e (Playtest Version 0.1) : UnearthedArcana
Unearthed Arcana
The Multiversal Collection v2.0 - Delve into the multiverse and get into planar shenanigans with this subclass collection! Now with a completely redone subclass and various balance changes. : UnearthedArcana


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Ranger Subclass: Storm Giant Conclave - Want lightning powers and a pet nimbus cloud you can ride? [OC] : UnearthedArcana
Creeper-Dweller Conclave - Ranger Subclass V1 : UnearthedArcana
13 subclasses from Champion's Guide to Runeterra; One for every 5e class! Immerse yourself in the regions of Runeterra with the Circle of Axiom Druid, Executioner Fighter Archetype, or the Mageseeker Tradition Wizard. : UnearthedArcana


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Roguish Archetype: Assassin Retold | Finally kill like you’ve always wanted with this reimagined classic from THE PLAYER'S HANDBOOK RETOLD : UnearthedArcana
The Special Agent Rogue - Protect your VIPs with this supportive, bodyguard-themed archetype : UnearthedArcana
Dream Seeker Rogue Archetype. (v2) Get into creatures mind and use their hidden memorys and dreams against them. : UnearthedArcana


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laserllama's Shaman Class v5.5.0 - Channel the Power of Primal Spirits with this New Pact-Caster Class! Includes four Spiritualities: Curse Binder, Spirit Warrior, Wild Heart, and Witch Doctor! PDF in comments. : UnearthedArcana
Class: Shaman by magicandmyths (v 1.0) : UnearthedArcana
The Homebrewery - NaturalCrit - Shaman 1.2.pdf - Google Drive


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Sorcerous Origin: Ghost-Touched! Spooky Sorcery in Time For the Spooky Season! : UnearthedArcana
Sorcerous Origin: Basic Soul. Become the most mundane, unassuming looking spellcaster that the world has ever seen as the least mundane class in the world. : UnearthedArcana
The Oracle Calling 1.0 : A sorcerer Origin built arround divination, support and reactions ! : UnearthedArcana


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The Deity v1.1 - Create NPC avatars or run a divine campaign with this narrative class! : UnearthedArcana
The Occultist - A brand new half-caster class with mastery over rituals and object-based casting, complete with 10 subclasses and dedicated magic items! : UnearthedArcana
Summoner - Keep a faithful familiar and summon creatures you've downed to fight for you in this new wizard subclass! : UnearthedArcana


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Spellguard: always use protection for your most important permanent spells : UnearthedArcana
Oath of the Spellbreaker // A Paladin Oath sworn to keep spell casters in check : UnearthedArcana Candle Magic. Love Spells that work. Love Spells cast for you. Spell to get your ex back.#spells #lovespells #spellcasting #wicca #spellwork #spellcaster #love #relationships
Spellbreakers Volume 1 - 7 Monsters, 14 Items, Corruption Mechanic, 5 Short Stories, FREE PDF! Link in Description [Art] : DnD


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Someday, and that day may never come, your Parton will ask something from you... Become a magical Mafioso with this Otherworldy Patron: The Famila. Plus bonus Pact Boons and Invocations : UnearthedArcana
Patron of the Art V2.0 - Let your creations leap from the page or just put people to sleep with your bland poetry with this artistic Patron! Now with art themed invocations! : UnearthedArcana


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The Witch Class: The Universal Caster (V.5.5) : UnearthedArcana
Unearthed Arcana
Unearthed Arcana


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Arcane Tradition: Coven Magic - Brew Potions, Fly on a Broom, and get up to some Hocus Pocus with this Witchy Subclass! : UnearthedArcana
Wizard - Arcanozoology | Why slay monster when you can befriend them? And, why charge in when you can send a tiny monster to look first? : UnearthedArcana
Arcane Tradition: School of Spagyria v1.0 - A wizard tradition that applies potioncraft to their spellcasting! Looking for critiques and advice. : UnearthedArcana


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