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Sleep train your baby in 7 days. I'll need this. Our daughter slept through the night at 6.5 weeks thanks to this - we started it with her at 5 weeks. We'll do it with the next one, too!

(Crystal- This one was really helpful for me when we started sleep training. I know 7 days is a lot but it'll be so worth it in the end!) Sleep train your baby in 7 days.

great tutorial on shutter speed!

Photography Friday 3 {Shutter Speed}, lots of stuff to know about how my new super fancy Canon Rebel 1100 D works! Tap the link now to find the hottest products to take better photos!

Free Download: Automatic Exposure Modes Cheat Sheet

Another fantastic cheat sheet from Pretty Presets for Lightroom. Learn the basics of all the exposure modes with this Pretty Presets Exposure Mode Cheat Sheet.