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AlexandrAlin Pui&Fasola
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Pende Minganji masked dancers, Guardians of initiation camp, D.R.Congo, near Gungu

Democratic Republic of Congo, 1970 / photo courtesy of Eliot, Elisofon and The National Museum of African Art

Kuker is a divinity personifying fecundity, sometimes in Bulgaria and Serbia it is a plural divinity. In Bulgaria, a ritual spectacle of spring (a sort of carnival) takes place after a scenario of folk theatre, in which Kuker's role is interpreted by a man attired in a sheep- or goat-pelt, wearing a horned mask.

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MASKS OF TEBET | mask, Tibet, Buddhism, Chitipati, Shmashana ... | I want your skull

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Meet Me In Your Sleep: Tibetan Prayer Masks

Kulturális Antropológia - A tibeti phön (bön) hagyomány - Tibetan Bön tradition