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Some things just don't fit into the mold. Here are some of my favorite arcade & video gaming oddities and assorted #RetroGaming stuff
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a black hat sitting on top of a suitcase
Broken Arcade hat
a magazine with an image of a computer on the cover and text that reads,'shuder '
UFO for Odyssey
an old computer with the words donkey kong on it's screen and keyboard in front
This Is The Raspberry Pi Mini Laptop That We Want
an image of a video game being played on a tv screen with blue and purple tiles
Neurovoider for Nintendo #Switch
Nintendo NYC
an old nintendo game console sitting on top of a pile of other games and accessories
Retro Multi-Platform Gaming Console
two electronic devices sitting on top of a bed next to each other with game controllers
Galaga & Bitboy
a pink and purple computer monitor sitting on top of a shelf
Time to rip and tear...
a nintendo wii game system sitting on top of a wooden floor
Custom Steam Deck Idea!