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"I'm still figuring out who I am, but I know I'm not who I was" -Brendon Urie Panic at the disco 😊

This is stupid

of people marry their grade love. Since you have read this, you will be told good news tonight. If you don't repost this your worst week starts now.

Omg that's awesome!!!

ok i admit its cool but not "so cool" bc its just colors<<this made me extremly happy but I dont know why. The colors just blended and it was so beautiful.


"This message serves to prove how our minds can do amazing things! In the beginning it was hard but now, on this line your mind is reading automatically with out even thinking about it. Be proud! Only certain people can read this.

This is so sweet !

This is so sweet! For anyone who has or is contemplating suicide, life gets better, trust me.