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53 Pins
an image of two statues that look like they are looking at something in the distance
an angel statue on the side of a building with sunlight coming through it's windows
three lit candles sitting next to each other
🕸️ lucorice 🕸️
three lit candles sit on a plate in front of a heart - shaped mirror and jar
an angel statue laying on top of a bench in a dark room next to columns
a pile of books sitting on top of a wooden table
a bench sitting in front of a large building on a rainy day with the lights on
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a statue of a woman sitting on top of a bench
a dark room with lots of books on the shelves and two people sitting at a table in front of them
dark academia - playlist by emily higham
the statue is surrounded by other statues in this dark room with an ornate ceiling and circular light fixture
a person is reading a book in front of a cup of coffee and some books
books, coffee, tea