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Funny Apology Ecard: I need to get on medication so I can slap stupid people and blame it on the side effects.

Pushing the 3D Printer to the Limit: Zealot Prints Amazing 3mm Tall Miniatures http://3dprint.com/10913/3d-printed-miniatures/

Pushing the Printer to the Limit: Zealot Prints Amazing Tall Miniatures.

If you don't like the post, don't read it. Too many haters out there. #takeajoke and #moveon

Its just an ecard people.laugh because you know it's funny :)

ha ha

Sarah T. asked SmileBait to keep the Morning Minion locked up today. We agreed on one condition: Everyone must share their favorite Simpsons memory in.

you add me...

Seriously thou? Lol to funny!

True, though.

I must admit to being a Grammar Nazi from a very young age. I drove my family nuts because I constantly corrected any and all poor use of grammar. Double negatives were my worst pet peeve of them all!

You cherish naps. CHERISH. | 22 Signs You're Professionally Exhausted

You cherish naps. 22 Signs You're Professionally Exhausted

3D Printed Electronic Sensors are Here! http://3dprint.com/6754/3d-print-strain-sensors/

printed strain sensors within gloves to detect hand gestures

'The Seer' by Moto Waganari. Polyamide, 3D Printing. #art #sculpture

Moto Waganari - Eschborn, Germany _'The Seer black'Filigree polygon sculpture

3D Printed House 1.0 – Printed in Salt and Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before http://3dprint.com/6974/3d-printed-house/

Printing houses will soon become more common than building them with hammers and nails. Here's the latest version using a material called Saltygloo.