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Dulcet — お元気ですか (How are you?)— unknown ♡ IG: Lattae.bujo
The abyss that is high school can be a pressure cooker, full of false information, judgement, and expectations from yourself and others.

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an image of various traffic cones flying through the air
火门Ⅲ(fire gate Ⅲ)
a person pushing a cart with a credit card attached to it on a pink background
a pink book with an image of people and words on the front cover that reads inside i live mermaids many many mananas,
A24 takes an “extremely eclectic” tour of Florida in a 574-page, flamingo pink book
a blue book with an image of two people on it and the title why should cities embrace skate parks? how are we teaching?
Hacking Finance presents the “undercover cool” side to the financial industry
Hacking Finance presents the “undercover cool” side to the financial industry
an advertisement with the words london's very finest fried chicken served with a side of savors
Squarespace Profiles Real-Life Dreamers in Stylish New Campaign
four books with different illustrations on them, one is blue and the other is white
Szczera Sfera visual identity
Szczera Sfera visual identity - Fonts In Use
an advertisement for the tokyo design hub exhibition, with two hands holding each other's arms
地域×デザイン2017 -まちが魅えるプロジェクト-
Flat cartoon animated UI
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