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Easiest pasta dinner ever! 😲 | dinner, pasta | Easiest pasta dinner ever! 😲 | By Kyle & Mistie Knight | Full box of dry pasta. We're using whole wheat 'cuz it's better for you and then, we're also going to add some chicken and this is already pulled chicken. What's great about this chicken is that it's already cooked so you're actually just heating it up. This is so you have a quick and easy version Now, we're going to add two jars of Alfredo sauce. Pour that right on top. Beautiful and we're going to make this one healthy. We've got our whole wheat pasta and now we're going to add some broccoli. I've chosen the baby broccoli because it's even easier to cook. There we go. Now, we're going to add three cups of mozzarella It's a lot of mozzarella. You gotta have the mozzarella. Here we go. We are almost full but we've got a couple more ingredients. Garlic, you gotta have some garlic. We're going to get a tablespoon of garlic. I'm going to add one cup of chicken broth and this liquid is what allows our pasta to cook in the pot. That's why you do not boil the pasta first. You got your two jars of sauce and your chicken broth and it will cook right inside here. One pot, less pans to clean up. Now, of course, you need some pepper. We're just going to cover this top with pepper. Is that enough pepper? That's perfect. Now, there's one other thing we need. It's in the fridge. Uh oh. Parmesan. I can get that. It's my job to get the cheese out of the fridge. Right. There we go. Parmesan. Yes. Here we go. We're going to get a/ 4 cup of Parmesan. Now, I want to remind you guys, you can customize this recipe however suits your liking. If you want to do everything fresh, if you want to have fresh chicken. Did you just give up on the parmesan? That kind of did. When you come out. There we go. Fresh chicken, fresh broccoli from your garden. Milk the cow and get the cheese. It is up to you but right now, I'm showing you a quick and easy version and it doesn't get any quicker or easier than this. But is this healthy? Yes, actually. This is a healthier version. We've used whole wheat pasta which is high in fiber and high protein. We've used a lighter version of the cheese. You could even get light Alfredo sauce. They make that as well and it's going to be a nice filling meal. Now, you have to stir it all up. Use your spatula. Alright. And just give it a stir. Added a lot of food in there. I know, it's definitely full but you just want to just take it. Make sure you get underneath there with the with the pasta and just mix it up. I'm very excited to see how this. You think that this is going to be good? I have no idea. So, We have made oven-baked pasta before but we have yet to do it in the crock pot. So, this is going to be an interesting test to see how it turns out and that's it. Super easy. All you have to do is set this on low for two and a half to three hours and dinner is ready. Wow. Okay. So, our Crock Pot Chicken Alfredo is ready and I'm very curious myself. This is the first time I've ever made this pasta dish in the crock pot. I baked it in the oven before and it always turns out great but we'll see. Alright. Okay. So, looks like normal Chicken Alfredo. Obviously, this needs to be stirred up a little bit. Wow. Look at that and during the middle of the cooking process, I stopped to stir it a couple times. So, this is definitely a cheesy pasta. The recipe called for three cups of mozzarella but I think you probably can get away with only one cup because this almost looks like a mac and cheese but we're going to taste test it. Alright. So, we've got our broccoli in there so that's added some vitamins and some fiber. We've got whole wheat pasta. We've got chicken, Alfredo sauce. Alright, look at that. Let's see if it's cooked. Yes, the pasta is cooked. Now, pasta cooked in the crock pot, huh? Yep and and this is whole wheat pasta so it stays a little bit more firm in regular pasta. Get some of the chicken. Okay, here we go. Lot of cheese. It's perfect. Is it good? It's better than I thought it would be to be honest. I didn't know what to expect. The pasta is soft. It is fully cooked. Our broccoli is yummy. You want to try it? You gotta try it. Kyle always opts for the red sauce but you're going to have to taste this one. It's a lot of cheese. Here you go. Give it a taste. What do we think? It's actually good. It's not bad, right? It's not bad. Okay. So, you need. You need a quick and easy dump it in there. Throw all your ingredients in. Set it and forget it. And you're going to have a a dinner that everybody's going to love. Kids are going to love this. Everybody's going to love it. Even Jack's. He's licking a glimpse.
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Everyday Cooking Recipes
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