Peace and love

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the word peace surrounded by colorful flowers and hearts on a black background greeting card with an abstract
"Fun and Funky Flower Power Peace and Love Hippy Art" Photographic Print for Sale by Alondra
a painting with a peace sign painted on it's face and hand holding up the peace symbol
Peace Acrylic Painting
a painting of the earth with a white dove flying over it on a black background
a peace sign surrounded by butterflies on a yellow background with words imagine peace written in the center
a painting of a peace sign painted in white on an orange, red, and blue background
What Peace Looks Like - Spiritual Tools for Hungry Souls
an abstract painting with blue, yellow and orange waves in the ocean on a sunny day
Second Grade - Warm and Cool Colors Paintings Part One
the peace sign is painted with flowers and leaves on it's side, as well as butterflies
Painting party art night peace and flowers by Alysia’s Art Studio