Small Courtyards

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a potted tree in front of a white building with black wrought iron railings
Small Courtyard Ideas
Add visual interest with topiaries, black wrought iron gates and symetrical lanterns.
a woman holding an umbrella standing next to a potted plant
Terra Cotta Pots
a woman sitting on top of a white couch next to a green plant filled garden
Kaftans and Courtyard Design
Summer caftans and ideas for small courtyards
a bunch of red flowers sitting on top of a table
Add pops of color!
green plants are growing on the brick sidewalk
Succulents and Ferns
purple and orange pansies in front of green leaves on the ground next to a stone wall
Add a Little Color in Unexpected Places
candles and flowers are arranged in a vase on a table surrounded by other lit candles
Outdoor Entertaining
Jan Barboglio
an outdoor dining area with table, chairs and umbrella in front of potted plants
Courtyards and Gardens
an outdoor living area with black and white furniture, potted plants, and other greenery
Courtyards and Gardens
purple tulips are growing in an old urn
Courtyards and Gardens
an outdoor dining area with tables, chairs and candles on the wall next to it
Outdoor Entertaining
an entrance to a house with potted plants and lights on the side walk way
Ellen DeGeneres Courtyard