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70' Hatteras, Listing Number 100617945, Image No. 6

Pilot it from the top! Hatteras, Listing Number Image No.

Emperor 200 Luxury Computer Workstations are available at for $44,750 plus shipping. Although on first blush this may seem almost as exorbitant as the gold and diamond covered PCs reportedly owned by oil sheikhs, you can’t begrudge the 1% for wanting something this cool.

Emperor 200 Luxury Computer Work station: Stunning design that resembles a scorpion’s tail. An electric powered adjustable leather seat, for the ultimate comfort and ergonomics. Light therapy and air filtering system.

Emperor 1510 overhead -- i'd put this in my office and no need for a desk

This is no ordinary chair. This is one ultimate ergonomic workstation! The Emperor 1510 Computer Environment is manufactured with Canadian steel, has fully adjustable monitor mounts, BOSE sound, and much more.