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Lorena Szekely

Pinterest e un site foarte fain. Cred ca si voua va place.
Lorena Szekely
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There will always be 5 members of One Direction, despite what anyone says.

This is exactly what I say. And when they still say he left I say "I will rip your throat open and shoot you 5 million times if you don't just get it in your head he is a part of one direction. You idiot.

c'mon bruh

I've said something like this lmao He was like "if you had to choose between me and Harry Styles, who would you choose?" And I said "do you really want me to answer that? That's probably why we aren't together anymore lmaooooooooooooooo

Hahahahahahhaha this is great !

Hahahahahahaahahah this is wonderful.Someone told me they rather listen to real music, than One Direction. I called him a dirty batch, and One Direction is real music.