exercise and mental health

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Exercise can help those with mental illness

The findings support other recent studies that also suggest that physical activity can relieve the symptoms of other mental concerns such as depression and anxiety. Previous research has also already shown that computer-based brain games can be beneficial for those with schizophrenia, reversing some of the deficits that sufferers can experience in the areas of…

As a blogger, cartoonist and mental health activist, today he uses art as a therapeutic way to cope with his illness and inspire others to seek treatment.

Medication and Exercise Synergy for 2012

Title: Medication and Exercise Synergy New study: Exercise Treatment for Major Depression: Maintenance of Therapeutic Benefit at 10 Months Please vote for my Fan Art I drew for an Art contest: http://id.fc2.com/facebook_contest/index.php?page=vote02&entry=107...

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

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Our mental health is mainly depend on what we think, what we do, even what we eat and more importantly how and how often we move our body. Exercises

A group of seniors exercising in a Miami, Fl.

Exercise and Aging Brain: Physical Activity Affects Mental Health

A modest amount of exercise for aging adults may help in maintaining and improving cognitive abilities, but too much exercise may reverse the improvements, according to a new study.

Food and Mental Health

Food, Exercise and Mental Health

In the past few years mental health practitioners have become more aware of the connection between food, exercise and mental health. Research in these areas supports what some have known for years – we can manage and eliminate some of the more common mental health symptoms by changing what we eat and moving our bodies more.

Whatever it is, exercise produces a healthy state of mind that is key to winning over terminal illnesses.

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Physical activity and mental health

Learn about physical activity and mental health. Find out how physical activity can have a positive affect on your mental health as well as physical health.

Spiritual Physical Mental and Emotional Health

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Kettlebells for Grip Strength

Exercise and Mental Health

Exercise is starting to become the new replacement for antidepressants. Let’s have a look at why it is so effective in shaking the blues. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These

Mental Health In America is a serious subject.

Maintain Your Mental Health

Mental health is very necessary for a human being as it commands the activities of a day. Regular exercise and adequate sleep are some of the many wa

Spiritual Physical and Mental Health

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Check out these positive steps for mental health.

Check out these positive steps for mental health.